Montreal’s Finest Escorts – Francesca

Montreal Escorts - FrancescaWe could not have possibly introduced one of Escorts from the Platinum Collection without introducing the other one. Everyone, here is Francesca. Passionate, Naughty, Wild and Elegant Escort from the Platinum Collection of Montreal’s Finest Escorts. Francesca is a Lady that you would normally see on the cover page of a fashion magazine and would wish to have the opportunity of spending a honeymoon with her.

Well, spending a month long vacation with her, would probably ruin you financially, but you can start by reserving her for a few hours for a romantic dinner and night out. God know, how far these few hours will get you. Not to forget, she recently wrote her Individual Profile. It may turn out to be helpful…


Montreal’s Finest Escorts – Adriana

Montreal Escorts - AdrianaFinally, the turn has come to introduce the Ladies from the Platinum Collection of Montreal’s Finest Escorts. In case if you have missed the Launch of what we think is as Stunning as Montreal Escorts ever get, Platinum Collection of Montreal’s Finest Escorts is our bold trademark  in the Wonderful World of Montreal’s Escorts.

So Adriana? What so special about her. Well, let’s just start by saying that if by simple looking at her pictures, you are not interested in knowing little more about her, then we are completely off the mark. Though, we are certain that every little piece of your senses is now ignited as you read what this fascinating woman has to write about herself.

10 Places to Absolutely Visit in Montreal

 Montreal is full of places to absolutely visit in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this magnificent city. Arguably, it is the only city in North America that perfectly blends the rich heritage of English and French Cultures with a flare of other cultural influences of people that came to Montreal during the 20th century.

Whether you decide to pay tribute to Montreal Canadiens by visiting Bell Center or Simpy spend a quiet afternoon at the BioDome or try your luck at Montreal’s Casino, all of these places will bring you ultimate amount of satisfaction.  To read about these and other places Montreal is famous for, click on this link.

Montreal Places to Avoid





VIP Escort Montreal - Places to AvoidMontreal, just like any other city on earth, has its own particular places to see and, of course, the ones not to see or simply to avoid. As the Summer Season is kicking in, we thought of coming up with a list of places to avoid visiting and a list of things to avoid doing, while you are spending your summer in Montreal, as a visitor or a Montrealer. Year after year, people in Montreal fall in same traps and we sincerely hope this article would help you avoid them this year.

Ironically, the whole city is filled with Road Construction Signs, but there is no result. Eventually, Road Constructions disappear at one place only to appear somewhere else, but, as a result, the roads as bad as they used to be prior to construction works, if not worse.

Traffic is very hectic as well. Year after year, there are more and more cars but Roads do not get bigger. Once traffic authorities decide to close a given road for an overnight maintenance, there is very poor communication and therefore people on a given night may get stuck for hour or more in various jams and detours. Simply, pathetic…

To read the rest of the story, click here

VIP Escort Montreal – Secret and Unpublished Hero Escorts

We happen to have Escorts that prefer to remain discreet and not publish their portfolio and individual profile on the web site. Just because they took this decision, they are not less attractive. They simply like to remain behind the curtains. We though of creating an post that serves as a brief introduction to them. Also, we’ve decided to create a special page that would describe each of them along with their tastes and preference.

There is a list twist to the story. Actually, it should be quiet intriguing to expect an Escort whose identity is a surprise.

Here is the direct link to the page that sums up their introduction.


Montreal Escorts – An Outside Observation

Continuously, we receive various email from Clients that share their vision on Escorts and provide their feedback on the quality of Escorts we have presented to them. Besides that we also get tons of useless email about anything and everything. There is one email that we accidentally found in the junk mail that struck our attention. It was an email from a presumed client that was sharing his views on what’s happening to Escorts in Montreal and how the Wonderful Business of Montreal Escort Agencies is undergoing critical chances. This email was so to the point that we decided to post it to our website. Here is the direct link to both parts of the email.

Montreal Escorts – An Outside Observation, Part 1

Montreal Escorts – An Outside Observation, Part 2


Montreal’s Top Hotels


If you happen to be undecided as to which hotel to pick during your stay downtown, this post may be very helpful to you. We did the job of rating Montreal’s Best Hotels and here is what we have come up with. A great source of inspiration were the testimonials of our Escorts that visit these Hotels on Daily Basis.

Place D’Arme, St-James (on photo), St-Sulpice, St-Paul, West-in

Vogue, Sofitel, Neligan, Crystal, Opus


We realize the importance of the hotel selection in the overall satisfaction of visiting a given place. All of these hotels are the best Montreal has to offer, yet they are no perfect. Some of these hotels are little affordable, while others have snobbish front-desk personnel. So read the reviews on them to find the most suitable hotel serving your needs.

Obviously, the next step after settling with the hotel selection is to take a little break and call the place that presents Montreal’s Finest Escorts and that being obviously us 🙂